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And by that we mean unplug the Xbox Series X from the wall, move it to another room, turn it on, and then resume playing from exactly where you left things across titles like Ori and the Will of the Wisps, Resident Evil 7, and Battletoads. This is a little added bonus to the whole Quick Resume that our friends over at Press Start Australia picked up on that we didn't even know about.

And points to some very clever engineering on behalf of Team Xbox. Normally we view quick resume as something like alt-tabbing on a PC, or hibernating a laptop only to resume where you were when you lift that lid back up. The difference though is that all of that, including the resume function on the Xbox One, requires memory. Stuff that gets wiped when you fully shutdown hardware.

Here's Quick Resume on the Xbox Series X in motion.

For the Xbox Series X it seems that Quick Resume will store these game states on the internal storage, allowing it to work across a number of titles with only a few seconds of loading things back into memory. Which is probably why its called Quick Resume and not Instant. Also it explains why the External SSD add-on features roughly 100GB more usable space than the internal drive - outside of the operating system, a chuck of that will no doubt be reserved Quick Resume space.

It's a rather clever and groundbreaking bit of tech on the part of Microsoft - one that feels completely in tune with how we play games in 2020. Bouncing around multiple titles from single-player experiences to multiplayer shoot-fests. Press Start does note that not all titles support the feature, in that multiplayer games wont put you back into the action. Not that they would. At best those titles will kick you back to the menu or restart the server connection process anew.

Either way, Quick Resume looks to be a killer feature for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S when both consoles launch on November 10.

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