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As per our review that went live last night, Star Wars: Squadrons excels in VR - not only because it puts you in the cockpit of an X-Wing and then pits you against a squadron of TIE fighters, but because it nails that immersion. And as detailed in this new video by Joab Gilroy - it's backed by solid and deep flight mechanics that add depth to make it... well, a VR dream come true.

In my review I noted that the free-look you get in VR is a game-changer, and Joab goes one step further to explain why that is - adding that it bridges some of the complexity that comes with space flight combat in arenas where there's no such thing as "up".
There was a wow moment for me when, while piloting a TIE Bomber, I realised I could turn my head to one side and look below the control column to find a target. It’s such a minor thing, but the absence of rigidity is immersive in an almost indescribable way. You get used to doing things in the space of your starfighter simply because you think it should work — and then it does.

What makes Star Wars Squadrons work as an expression of the power of VR is that it transports you into a seat many have long dreamed of filling.

Apparently there's a "below". Ahem. Joab notes that even though Star Wars: Squadrons isn't perfect, it's phenomenal in VR and goes as far to say that if you have a powerful enough PC rig it's worth getting a VR headset for. Big call, but piloting classic Star Wars fighters in a robust VR environment is bucket list stuff.

For Joab's full written breakdown of Star Wars: Squadrons in VR, head on over to The GAP Podcast site.

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