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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 10:11pm 05/10/20 | 10 Comments
Setting aside the fact that it's been far too long since we've gotten a pure flight combat Star Wars game, something that could sit alongside the likes of TIE Fighter or Rogue Squadron, there's also the VR dream that's basically that. Fly around in X-Wings and TIEs, shooting at enemies. Although fully playable sans VR headset, Star Wars: Squadrons excels when you go virtual.

A snippet from our full review.
Played entirely from a first-person in-cockpit view, with minimal HUD depending on your preferences, everything from engine speed to power management to targeting and missile readiness is there to view; with one eye always looking ahead. With X-Wings, A-Wings, Y-Wings, TIE fighters, TIE interceptors, TIE bombers, and more, the level of detail is commendable, as is the way each craft provides its own readout flavour.

But, in its commitment to authenticity there’s no denying that when played on a standard display there’s a lot of screen real-estate taken up by everything from radars to cockpit dividers. You know, the stylish but octagonal mess that is the TIE fighter cockpit view. Blind spots that in addition to tapping into that laser-guided focus one might require as a fighter pilot, limit the spatial awareness that comes from a more traditional third-person view and the ability to freely rotate the camera.

Don a VR helmet on the PlayStation 4 or PC (for this review we used the Oculus Rift S), and what was once claustrophobic or limited becomes open and natural. Like a Rebel fighter pilot looking through an orange tinted visor, VR in Star Wars: Squadrons is more than simple immersion. Being able to look freely around the cockpit to get a closer look at instruments takes an Astromech backseat to the ability to see out into the wider battlefield.

Our Full Star Wars: Squadrons Review

Latest Comments
Posted 12:03am 06/10/20
oh s*** this has VR?!
Posted 12:08am 06/10/20
yeah man.... if you have a decent VR setup and like star wars... it's a must
Posted 12:15am 06/10/20
yeah man.... if you have a decent VR setup and like star wars... it's a must

Hmm I have a 10900k with a 2080ti and 64Gb 4200mhz rams and a Vive 2

Some of its a bit old ofc (rip no 3xxx series omg so pleb) but will this work Kosta?!?!?!!?
Posted 12:17am 06/10/20
Hey Hoggy I prepurchased this but it’s a 30Gb download and I’m on mobile Internet so I can’t get into it for a while *sad*

Do you want to do Family Sharing and load this up ?
Posted 12:14pm 06/10/20
Definitely Hog... it's optimised really well... on the 3080 at 1440p it hits the FPS cap of 240 on Ultra
Posted 12:20pm 06/10/20
This is the best use I've seen of VR yet. The mission flying through asteroids is amazing in VR.
Posted 12:29pm 06/10/20
I'm playing on a 1070 and a 3700X (loaded on to a Kingston KC2500 and a MSI MAG B550 Tomahawk ;)) and it runs perfectly in VR (on a Vive 1).
Posted 07:00pm 06/10/20
I have an Oculus Quest 2 on preorder, can't wait to get it! From what I have played so far it does seem like it will suit VR better than just a screen but really enjoying the game so far!
Posted 02:09pm 09/10/20

Runs flawlessly on my Vive Pro using a i9-9940X with a 4 year old 1080 FTW.
Posted 03:24pm 09/10/20
Great review, first review I've read that has really made me seriously consider a VR rig. I have amazing memories from like 1994 of playing X-Wing back in the day and how much fun it was. I used to play it with a mate, alternating who would take the joystick and fly and who would run the keyboard to deal with shields and stuff. It was a blast.
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