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With the Cyberpunk 2077 'Gangs of Night City' video presented in cinematic 21:9 - which is awesome for those that have an UltraWide display. Content-wise it's so densely packed with goodness that it's a little overwhelming to be honest. It covers all or most of the major gangs throughout Night City and its outskirts, and it's all very cool.

And it's raised our hype levels even more -- which we didn't think was possible. From the augmentation-heavy Maelstrom, to the 6th Street gun nuts, to the Tyger Claw, and the Wraiths.

Each will be involved in the overall stories found throughout Cyberpunk 2077 though CD Projekt RED has noted in the past that players will not be able to join these gangs in the traditional RPG sense.

Gangs of Night City profiles some of the most notorious groups operating within and beyond the city walls whom players will be making deals with, fighting against, or both in order to survive.

The second new video 'Postcards From Night City' sets the scene from a tourism perspective, letting you know what to expect when the game launches November 19. It accompanies a new site nightcity.love which is chock full of great info for the location, presented as a 'for reals' site.

Both trailers debuted as part of the latest episode of Night City Wire - which you can watch in full here. The other big Cyberpunk 2077 news that dropped over the weekend was the PC spec reveal - head here for that.

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This is actually not that impressive!
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