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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 09:20pm 15/09/20 | 23 Comments
The raffle at this stage covers the Founder Edition models, as in NVIDIA's own GeForce RTX 3080, GeForce RTX 3090, and GeForce RTX 3070. No word if partner cards from the likes of MSI or GIGABYTE will be affected, but since its announcement the demand and interest in NVIDIA's RTX 30 series has been, well, insane.

With the Founders Editions catching the eye of many due to their striking and stylish design, one that promises improvements in cooling and overall noise. The RTX 3080 Founders Edition has quickly become one of the most anticipated bits of tech for 2020.

Which is no small feat considering that we're also on the cusp of a new generation of high-end consoles.

Initially the Founders Editions were not going to make their way here, but then NVIDIA heard the outcry from Aussies wanting to purchase one of the cards on launch. The good news is they're coming, the bad news is that to keep access fair the single supplier with limited stock -- Mwave -- will be holding a raffle over the next couple of days to let people express interest and win the chance to purchase an NVIDIA branded RTX 3080, 3090 or 3070.

In a statement to Press Start, Mwave confirmed the demand has been huge. “After a huge response from the local community for the Founders Edition, NVIDIA has arranged a limited amount of stock for the region. MWAVE will be hosting an online raffle to provide a fair go for every fan keen to get an opportunity to own the cards.”

Raffle details as follows:

GEFORCE RTX 3080 Founders Edition ($1,139 AUD inc GST)
Raffle Closes: 2PM AEST September 18, 2020
Raffle Drawn: 3PM AEST September 18, 2020

GEFORCE RTX 3090 Founders Edition ($2,429 AUD inc GST)
Raffle Closes: 2PM AEST September 25, 2020
Raffle Drawn: 3PM AEST September 25, 2020

GEFORCE RTX 3070 Founders Edition

Head to Mwave for full details and to enter the draw.

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Latest Comments
Posted 10:31pm 15/9/20
I'm in for the 3090. F*** it.

I never win these things but here's hoping.
Posted 11:05pm 15/9/20
If you can nab a 3090 then I would like to buy your 2080ti:)
Posted 11:20pm 15/9/20
I've got irl people who are interested but yeah sure not out of the question if that doesn't happen.
Posted 11:33pm 15/9/20
No worries, all good mate. I've entered the draw as well so there's a slim chance I could purchase a 3080. Btw what monitor you got? I assume 4k 144hz if you're going for the 3090?
Posted 11:41pm 15/9/20
Posted 08:06am 16/9/20
sucks that the raffle is the day after the partner cards go on sale. guess i'll just go for a partner card now.
Posted 06:40pm 16/9/20
obvioulsy no intent to sell fe cards in volume, just exist so nvidia can say they are giving more for less this series compared to the sour taste of previous. meanwhile majority of chips will go to partners who can cop the blame for higher prices.
Posted 09:33am 17/9/20
I wonder how or even if Mwave are going to do anything to stop scalpers entering 50 different email accounts and then selling on the right-to-purchase. "$20 for the right to buy a 3080, $50 for 3090! Get 'em while they're hot!"
Posted 09:45am 17/9/20
if you read the t's&c's there's a note that selling a winning entry is not allowed and since they're collecting address information they'll likely cross check it with billing address when it comes time to pay up for one
Posted 10:02am 17/9/20
Sif read things, nerd
Posted 01:53pm 17/9/20
saved you time before you get any ideas about running some kind of dodgey SQL stuffer or reverse NN the captcha there Hoggy
Posted 02:29pm 17/9/20
Don't start, I'm happy to fire up a visual basic gui at any time man
Posted 11:51am 18/9/20
Raffle? What - I thought it was for a free 3090, Dang!

Maybe if I buy 2 and put one on Ebay and jack up the price - Maybe not.... Tip toes away silently (*Toe snaps*) me: (Dammit)
Posted 05:14pm 18/9/20
Raffle has been drawn - anyone get one?
Posted 05:49pm 18/9/20
Posted 06:29pm 24/9/20
So I'm hoping all this bad press for the 3090 means I'll actually be able to get one.
Posted 04:10pm 25/9/20
So I'm hoping all this bad press for the 3090 means I'll actually be able to get one.

Posted 04:18pm 25/9/20
the median price of the OEM version's is ~$2900

the fe is $2429

ahhhhh jeez. do you really need 24GB to do anything other than run Doom Eternal in 8K @ 120fps ?
Posted 04:20pm 25/9/20
Refreshing my inbox right now...

If I don't happen to snag on in the raffle I'm taking that as a sign from the GPU gods and will wait till next gen. My 2080ti is still going strong and I'm definitely upgrading to an upper tier Zen 3 which should give some nice gains. I'm feeling pretty Cyberpunk ready.

edit: trillion: yeah, the 24GB is a massive overkill and needlessly raises the price. I'll never get close to using it even on a 2k per eye VR headset.
Posted 09:47am 27/9/20

Some 3080s that have cheaper capacitors have been having crashing issues..
Posted 04:47pm 27/9/20

Can't help but feel I've dodged a bullet on this one. Will be sticking with my 2080ti.
Posted 08:17pm 27/9/20
if you read the article it's pretty much a storm in a teacup.

some reports from early testers of review hardware of the evga board reporting crashing and black screens when the card was overclocked. underclocking returned the card to operational function. for some reason the article goes into technical depth to explain that's it's most probably due to a number of the boards with 6 of a certain type of capacitor that isn't suitable for the higher temperatures caused when overclocking and how voltage spikes when overclocked along with capacitor type and grouping on the pcb cause trouble, and notes some design tell-tale signs that Nvidia obviously knows this is the case as they are laid arranged in such a way, and as such makes these boards unsuitable for overclocking.

Posted 11:40pm 27/9/20
so this geezer has quite skillfully instrumented doubt, as fpot illustrates, if you're too numpty to notice an undercurrent there
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