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With the space combat FPS looking impressive, in that it takes what we know about real-world orbital space flight and adds... guns. From Chinese indie studio Surgical Scalpels, Boundary looks great and this new ray tracing showcase covering global illumination and reflections is a great little next-gen tech demo.

Check it out.

“The Ray Tracing benchmarking is important for Boundary, as a team we’ve always strived to bring a level of real world realism that takes Boundary to a whole new level.” Said Frank Mingbo Li, Technical Director at Surgical Scalpels. “Real-time global illumination is the prominent ray tracing feature of the benchmark,with these visual technologies we can definitely go further beyond our current graphic state, allowing us to be more realistic and more precise."

The video showcases ray-traced reflections on translucent and opaque materials in addition to global illumination, and what we assume are ray-traced shadows too. A lot of them. It's a cool as hell little video too, using music and sound effects to great effect.

Boundary is being built in Unreal Engine featuring Microsoft DirectX 12 and DirectX Raytracing tech -- and is coming to PC and PlayStation. No word on a release date for the full game, but the ray-tracing benchmark is coming September 24. Just in time for the new GeForce RTX 30 series launch.

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