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UPDATE: Microsoft just confirmed the Xbox Series S is as thing and $299 USD.

With this new report over at Windows Central laying it out definitively -- "We can confirm the Xbox Series S is $299, and the Xbox Series X is $499". With the launch date listed as November 10, 2020. Of course those prices be in USD, so the AUD pricing at this stage is speculative. Which means, yeah, lets speculate.

Okay, Xbox Series S will be $399-$449 AUD and the Xbox Series X will launch at $699-$749 AUD. Which, would be pretty aggressive in terms of what hardware you're getting under the hood. Custom designed AMD RDNA 2 and Zen architecture, 12-Teraflops in the case of the beast-like Series X and 4-Teraflops in the case of the Series S. Both X Boxes will come with high-speed memory and NVMe storage.

Oh, and that Xbox Series S design leak from earlier? Yeah, it's real and all this info looks to have come from a leaked presentation.

Here's Microsoft's official announcement.

Ahead of launch we'll also see Xbox All Access plans (from Telstra in Australia) for both consoles, that will be paired with Xbox Game Pass. According to the Windows Central report, Microsoft will be pushing the subscription model for hardware pretty hard.

We should expect to have all of this info, officially, in the coming days. Including, hopefully, a full spec breakdown of the Xbox Series S.

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Posted 04:39pm 08/9/20
I was just wondering what the sell would be with the Series S if it wasn't as powerful as the One X but I forgot about the memory management and the price seems reasonable when compared to the One S.
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