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With Thurrott lifting the lid on the still-to-be-announced Xbox Series S console, the mid-range and affordable counterpart to the high-end Xbox Series X. And with the Xbox Series S all-but confirmed by controller box leaks and other peripheral sightings, this reveal showcases a somewhat strange look for the console -- whilst also revealing that it will be competitively priced at $299 USD.

The strangeness comes from what looks to be the exhaust or fan port being a large black speaker-like circle on an otherwise white console.

The interesting part though is of course the price point, where $299 USD will result in a digital console that will benefit from the speed of the next-gen Xbox line -- but with presumably a cut-down CPU and GPU. According to sources the overall power is noticeably less-than the Series X and is targeting 1080p 60fps as a sort of baseline. Although the reported 4-Teraflops of performance is less than the 6-Teraflop Xbox One X (and roughly a third of the 12-Teraflop Xbox Series X) AMD's RDNA 2 architecture makes such a comparison irrelevant.

Finally, with the $299 USD price-point listed here, the prospect of a $499 USD Xbox Series X seem likely. How either will translate to AUD is anyone's guess.

UPDATE: Microsoft just confirmed the Xbox Series S is as thing and $299 USD.

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