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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 02:03pm 28/08/20 | 0 Comments
And this is a part of the game I personally was most worried about. What with not really having any friends and finding human interaction somewhat annoying meant I didn't -- and don't -- really want to play the multiplayer side of Star Wars: Squadrons, but put me in the cockpit of any Star Wars vehicle and I'll Han Solo that shit for days.

So this was a pleasant surprise.

Specifically in that the promise of the campaign side of the game being fully fleshed out and dedicated looks to be ringing true. And while we're only getting a three-plus minute squiz at what's beyond the asteroid belt, it's definitely exciting from a fan and space-faring perspective. From EA.com:
Welcome back, pilots. In this briefing, we’re going to discuss some details of Star Wars™: Squadron’s single-player story. However, we’re going to keep them light. We don’t want to spoil what’s to come, so this is just a taste!

This is a story of daring pilots and a deep-seated rivalry. At the start of the game, you’ll create two customizable pilots: one flying for freedom as a part of the New Republic and the other imposing the Galactic Empire’s vision of order. From both their perspectives, you’ll get to see how the war unfolded on both fronts, including the goals held by each faction’s leaders.

As a part of Opening Night Live, we released a brief glimpse at an Imperial mission that takes place early in the game. In this mission, Admiral Rae Sloane, the highest-ranking officer in the Imperial Navy, is providing Terisa Kerrill with her most important mission of the war: find and eliminate Project Starhawk. Be sure to check it out for yourself!
Hit the EA link above for an even bigger deep-dive, otherwise check out the new trailer embedded below.

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