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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 12:42pm 21/08/20 | 1 Comments
Well, that's what they would have you believe. As noticed by several budding pilots (and many more that have since made the pilgrimage), the infamous Melbourne Monolith found in the city's northern suburbs has been recreated in Microsoft Flight Simulator in all its 200+ story detail.

An oft overlooked world wonder, Ancient Alien Theorists believe it to be the home of Gorgax XXII -- Supreme Ruler of Earth Dimension 12G. As seen in this rare documentary footage from Conor O'Kane.

According to the Men In Black, the Melbourne site is the direct result of a typo -- where in Open Maps the two story structure was incorrectly labelled as 212 stories.

But we all know that Microsoft Flight Simulator is, as Morpheus so eloquently put, "the real" -- which led to its discovery by Alexander Muscat.

So, are we to believe that a game that draws on multiple petabytes of data had a small typo within that stream of ones and zeroes? As far fetched as that may seem. Or, has a secret inter-dimensional portal jutting out into the heavens, covered up by the media for centuries, finally been exposed?

As mere reporters we cannot say for sure. But as Foxy Mulder would say, the truth is out there.

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Posted 05:51pm 21/8/20
As a Melbourne man my very first flight was from Moorabbin to Tullamarine and I saw this while I was zooming around the northern suburbs at night, I sorta don't want them to patch it out!
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