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Nate Mitchell the co-founder of Oculus, Double Fine’s COO Matt Hansen, Naughty Dog Concept Artist Richard Lyon’s and Mark Terrano CCO & Co-Founder of Hidden Path have revealed their new venture - Mountaintop Studios.

Mountaintop Studios will be remote at first, allowing them to build a team environment with a focus on “collaborative, anti-crunch, diverse and inclusive” development featuring people of many different talents from around the globe. With priorities being to create and environment free of crunch and more recently the racism and sexism that has come to light. In terms of projects Mountaintop plans to develop “the types of games that inspired us to new heights as kids and building new mountains for gamers to conquer together.”

Mountaintop, now we get it.

The studio isn’t quite ready to share details on its first title but the studio's website reveals the first game might be a multiplayer thing. The studio is accepting applications for positions too, with eleven available right now, with plans to eventually build a team of around fifty staff with PC/Console experience.

With the four co-founders Nate Mitchell (CEO), Matt Hansen (COO), Mark Terrano (Design Director) and Richard Lyons (Art Director) all having the experience working at well-established studios like Oculus, Naughty Dog, Epic, Respawn, Double Fine, Telltale and Hidden Path - while working on games like Psychonauts 2, The Last of Us Part 2 and Counter-Strike, along with many more classic titles - hopefully we don’t have to wait too long into 2021 to see what this talented studio has to offer.

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