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Announced back in April, Grounded the video game version of Honey I Shrunk the Kids (1989) is now available in Early Access on Steam and for everyone with an Xbox Game Pass subscription on PC and Xbox One.

The game allows you to tackle it’s miniaturised survival action solo or with friends, the later of course being the how the game was designed to be played. Teaming up with friends to craft weapons, build bases, and survive a backyard full of nasties like ants and spiders trying to kill you or eat you. Even though Grounded’s visuals are Pixar-like and full of charm, it will still terrify the pants off you when an arachnid appears for a snack.

This survival game comes from a small team within Obsidian and is already starting to make noises in the gaming world - it currently holds top spot in Steam’s best-seller chart. Looking at Twitch, another way to gauge a game’s popularity, and Grounded is the second most viewed game on the streaming platform. Not bad, especially for a game that was met with puzzled looks when people realised it was from the studio behind The Outer Worlds and Pillars of Eternity. Oh, and it's still in Early Access.

“This is the beginning of our journey together, and we will be adding content based on feedback from the community for everything from single-player story to new bugs and features,” wrote Mikey Dowling, Director of Communications, Obsidian Entertainment. “So once you’ve had a chance to play, please let us know what you think and any features you want added to the game.”

Early Access will no doubt allow Obsidian time to get that feedback on what works and what doesn't so they can fix all the bugs before it launches later this year. And maybe add a few more bugs too. I’ve been playing this one myself and the one thing I will say is that I’m having loads of fun with it.

Oh and if you suffer from arachnophobia don’t fret because Obsidian has said that an option to remove all spiders will be added sometime in the future. So everyone can enjoy Grounded, and get some sleep. Also, if spiders aren't your thing, don’t watch the movie Arachnophobia (1990).

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