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A rather sizable update for the game that introduces new campaign achievements for each and every mission across the entire StarCraft II line-up: Wings of Liberty, Heart of the Swarm, Legacy of the Void, and Nova Covert Ops. All that highlighted text there links to our review coverage spanning ten years of classic Blizzard RTS action.

Celebrating its tenth anniversary (Winds of Liberty came out back in 2010) Blizzard has also updated StarCraft II to version 5.0 - and it's a pretty big patch bringing a number of updates to co-op missions and co-op commanders, campaign achievements, and an expanded creation tool.

Here are the highlights.

New Announcer: White-Ra
  • “More GG, More Skill”

New Announcer: Stone
  • A Dominion Ghost with a mysterious past. He is simply known as "Stone".

  • A new campaign achievement has been added for every mission in Wings of Liberty, Heart of the Swarm, Legacy of the Void, and Nova Covert Ops. Upon completion of all 10th Anniversary Campaign Achievements, players will receive the new Stone announcer.
  • Note: These achievements can be earned on any difficulty above Normal. However, they are designed to be scalable and are possible, though extremely challenging, on even Brutal.

  • A new genre has been added for Arcade maps called “Campaign”
  • A new subsection under “Custom” has been added called “Campaigns”, and displays maps published using the “Campaign” genre.
  • StarCraft II now supports transitioning a multiplayer lobby between two maps.
  • The two maps involved in the transition must be published by the same author.

  • A new “Prestige” system has been added that allows players to play through the level 1-15 progression up to three additional times per commander. Each time a player activates Prestige with a given commander, they will unlock a unique Prestige Talent, which can be used to change the core gameplay of the commander.
  • Only one Prestige Talent may be equipped at a time for each commander and it is possible that a player equips none of these talents, in which case, the commander will receive their standard loadout.

    New Mutator: Boom Bots
    • Uncaring automatons carry a nuclear payload towards your base. One player must discern the disarming sequence and the other player must enter it.

    As mentioned above the full Patch Notes are quite extensive, especially when it comes to the mod tools - which have been improved substantially. For the full details - head here.

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