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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 09:20pm 21/07/20 | 3 Comments
Being the old Big N adorers we are over here at AusGamers, it was absolute shock and delight we felt upon the sudden announcement of a new Paper Mario on its way in 2020. And the teaser trailer did the game's impending release plenty of favours with its charm and Samus helmet drop, but having spent some times learning the folds of origami, is this an intricate crane, or a basic class-clown paper plane?

The answer is: a little from column A, a little from column B. Here's a snippet from our review:
The series, which partially formed from a Square Enix Super Mario RPG back in the SNES days, has since blended 2.5D worlds with a titular ‘paper’ Mario focusing on turn-based combat, team-building, puzzle-solving and poking considerably highbrow fun at the Mario franchise on the whole. And on most of those fronts, Paper Mario: The Origami King delivers. Each iteration has always had a hook, with this one being a massive play on the world of origami paper-folding, but it’s menacing and dark and disturbing at times. Talking trees concerned that your reward for bashing them with a hammer is paper confetti, Bowser being forced to watch as his minions are tortured with a stapler, subjugated toads who act like happy second-class citizens and cower, trembling at the constant threat of invasion, or pieces of wood begging to be burned as is their lot in life...
Click here for our Paper Mario: The Origami King review.

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Latest Comments
Posted 02:10pm 22/7/20
It’s obvious, but I’m going to say it anyway - Nintendo should really just rerelease the Thousand Year Door. It perfected the Paper Mario formula.
Posted 02:45pm 22/7/20
Agreed! it's a masterpiece
Steve Farrelly
Posted 04:48pm 22/7/20
Yep. Essentially untouchable, and hey, re-releasing is all the rage anyway
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