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Yesterday we brought you Part One of our deep dive into World of Warcraft: Shadowlands where we discussed the new player experience and bringing it all back to 60-levels of progression. Here in Part Two we discuss Covenants, what the mean to the endgame, and how the sandbox that is the Maw was designed to test even the most hardened players.

“There's one story arc that takes you through all four of the Covenants,” John Hight, Executive Producer on World of Warcraft, explains. We’re talking about the groups overseeing the afterlife and their role in the afterlife of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, Covenants. An afterlife where after the main story reaches its climax, players will be asked to select a Covenant to align with. Well, not so much ask - this decision will major one and play straight into the endgame, Covenant-specific progression, and beyond.

“As you're levelling up through Shadowlands you will be exposed to and meeting all the major characters in each of the Covenants,” John explains. “That gives a good sense of the flavour, the culture of each Covenant, and we're hoping that people will make their choices based on what feels right to them. There's an R in RPG, and we want that decision to be a representation of who you are or who you want to be. With that we've tried to give a lot of flavour to the four different Covenants.”

For John and the rest of the WoW team at Blizzard, it’s their goal to make this decision as painstaking or seamless as choosing your character’s class.

Part Two of Our World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Interview

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Posted 11:49am 23/7/20
Thanks for the interview, was a good read. I haven't pre-purchased but every chance I'll end up getting it - I've always had fun jumping into a new expansion even though I mostly play it solo.
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