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With this year's digital version of TennoCon set to kick off on the weekend of August 1, developer Digital Extremes has lifted the lid - or, slightly opened it - on the next Warframe expansion called Heart of Deimos.

With the following teaser providing a glimpse at the expansion that will focus "on the Infested faction".

Forging a blend of the grotesque and the beautiful, the old and the new, Canadian developer and publisher Digital Extremes will debut Warframe’s new expansion, Heart of Deimos, focused on the Infested faction, at its fifth annual TennoCon, Saturday, August 1.

Due to world events, TennoCon 2020 is an all-digital conference -- streamed from our homes -- that serves to join together the game’s community and the DE team to share their common love for Warframe. This year’s digital conference blends live and recorded events for a fully digital experience. Players can watch and participate in panels, contests, a community-created artwork showcase, and Warframe’s biggest content reveals, starting with the Infested-themed Heart of Deimos demo and the new community-created Warframe.

As a nice little bonus those you link their Twitch accounts and watch 30 minutes of the closing TennoLive event and 30 minutes of any other TennoCon event will earn themselves Hydroid Prime and the limited-time hand cannon Athodai.

For more info head to the official Waframe TennoCon site.

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