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In that conforming to this game's hook is going to be a "must do", but hey, at least we can all have as we "must do it". And if that means choosing to play as a bus driver, replete with complimentary bus based on title, then so be it.

what shouldn't be short changed ins this deluge of words is just how slici Watch Dogs Legion plays. This is honestly a fantastic slice of open-world game, and we honestly can't wait to be the person of a 1000 faces.

Here's a snippet:
“For example, you could also recruit doctors and EMTs and that can also…” Crooks ponders with a pause (for effect?). “If you don't get arrested when you get injured, it will also speed up your medical treatment. Your guys can get out of hospital faster if they're on your team. That's another angle that we approached…”

I played He-Man and GI-Joe as a kid, and know full well the currency of ‘in the moment convenience’, but after a few hours of the game, it’s plainly obvious these ideas don’t rest on distraction, rather they exist as poignant components to a freeform approach to a game-world designed to beat you up at any given moment. But what happens when you challenge authority, Goya-less? You salivate your beanless life away and see how the cogs work -- it’s not a world designed on convenience, it’s designed as one of principle of function. And the sooner you work that part out, the quicker your fight against authority can begin. Even if that means conversing with the do-badderS and, maybe, making them gooders.
Click here for our full and in-depth Watch Dogs Legion hands-on preview.

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