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Our second Roccat review of the day covers the Roccat Kain 200 AIMO wireless gaming mouse, where battery life and features play a delicate balancing act with ergonomics and look. How does it fare? Well, you'll have to click to find out.

Or not, long story short it's good.
In the wireless peripheral game, the mouse is the one where battery life seems to vary the most – especially if you’re of the type that needs an RGB glow to be one with the scroll wheel. Other factors come into play sure, from how long before it turns itself off, does it turn itself off, and is the switch from wireless to play-and-charge as seamless as it could be. The big question though is do you need to plug it in every other day? To be honest, we’ve had wireless mice where that was the case, so we just left them plugged in. Charging all the time, for all time.

This is a roundabout way of saying that battery life has been factored into the Roccat Kain 200 AIMO wireless gaming mouse from Roccat. The company’s Owl-Eye optical sensor was developed in collaboration with PixArt specifically for low-power use – to drain as little energy as possible whilst retaining smooth performance.

Our Full Roccat Kain 200 AIMO Review

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Latest Comments
Posted 09:19pm 15/7/20
I got a Roccat Nyth recently, worked for 2 days then the sensor started freaking out and it was basically unusable.

Just make sure you research everything down to the optical sensor when buying Roccat, because they have a history of using STUPID CHEAP sensors that don't give accurate tracking.

Their software is iffy as hell too, it made the problem worse rather than fixing it.
Posted 08:19am 16/7/20
On the flip side, I bought a Roccat Kone Pure this time last year and it's worked flawlessly, I love it 😊
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