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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 10:32pm 10/07/20 | 1 Comments
Why? Well, simulation games tow the line as far as realism goes. You know, "no over the top gameplay here -- move on", that sort thing. But this is MONSTER TRUCKS and, kind of like pro wrestling there's LOTS TO SEE HERE, and Monster Truck Championship from Nacon and Teyon studios is looking like the serious mud-eating goods.

While it's still a little ways off, today's new details and gameplay trailer offer up a small glimpse at what looks like a lot of insane fun as far as a simulator is concerned, and we can't wait to strap in and Freestyle the shit out of it.
Monster Truck Championship is a unique simulation where players climb aboard a giant truck to take part in various competitions. Taking a realistic approach to driving rather than an arcade-game style, Monster Truck Championship gives players the chance to pull off believable aerial and ground moves by learning the unique physics of these vehicles.

Monster Truck Championship features five major types of challenge: Race, where you try to finish in first place after completing a certain number of laps against eight other drivers; Time-Trial, in which you try to set new time records; Drag Races, where you compete against one other driver on a small section of the track; Freestyle, in which you try to perform as many spectacular tricks as possible; and Destruction, which rewards you for destroying every obstacle you can!

For deeper immersion, you can use the cockpit camera and experience the exhilarating feeling of driving high above the track. During tricks, the camera is placed so you can admire your moves at the best angle, and you sometimes get slow motion for an even more impressive view!

Monster Truck Championship boasts many other features, including:
  • 25 circuits in different cities across the United States
  • 16 customizable trucks to make each one visually unique
  • Realistic handling and physics, including independent front- and rear-wheel control, and adjustment of different mechanical elements, such as suspensions, gearbox and engine
  • An online mode for up to 8 players in monster-sized races
  • A Career mode where you must manage the vehicle, sponsors and technicians to improve your performances and earnings
Slated for release on PS4, Xbox One in October and Nintendo Switch further down the track (sorry, no PC news just yet). Check out the new gameplay trailer embedded below.

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Posted 08:45pm 11/7/20
Looks interesting. I remember playing Monster Truck Madness demo on the first real PC I got. It was pretty cool I thought at the time. I've also watched some of it on TV early in the morning, pretty cool to watch.

Hopefully there is a PC release the same time as Consoles, I would give it a go.

Here is a video of Monster Jam TV
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