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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 02:59pm 30/06/20 | 5 Comments
And it looks, well, silly. The first character we see is a Harley Quinn knock-off and there are pets you can have that include giant bears in mecha suits. The project, developed by Tencent's internal studios, is called SYN and is still relatively early. The in-engine Unreal powered trailer gives a glimpse at a potential world and potential character and vehicle customisation.

Check it out.

One of the advancements that Tencent is investing in with SYN is realistic hair and fur technology that it is collaborating on with Epic (a company Tencent owns a stake in). Details on the game's actual setting and story are a little light, all we really know is that it's set in 2035 and will blend cyberpunk with more eastern themes. No doubt this is the company's response to the hype surrounding the release of Cyberpunk 2077.

SYN is currently in development for PC and consoles and will be released globally.

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Latest Comments
Posted 06:13pm 30/6/20
It looks pretty based TBH, better than all the "woke" crap coming out at the moment.
Posted 08:29pm 30/6/20
Only a tech demo but looks promising to me....
Steve Farrelly
Posted 02:07pm 01/7/20
better than all the "woke" crap coming out at the moment
What's so woke that has you in a pickle, Darkhawk? The only game I can think of that has been 'branded' as woke is TLoU2, otherwise I'm not really sure what else you could be talking about...
Posted 02:46pm 03/7/20
This looks like a steaming pile of crap. Whats the point of that video?
Posted 04:52pm 04/7/20
Does it come with spyware or is that an extra download? lol

It was ok except for the pet thing. That kinda ruined the whole Cyberpunk vibe. It seems more like an Asian MMO that happens to be cyberpunk styled or something.
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