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Kicking of this Friday, June 19 Red Bull Solo Q makes its way to Australia with the first round of qualifying match-ups set to take place. Ahead of the event we sat down with Chiefs League of Legends Coach Chris ‘SeeEL’ Lee to discuss 1v1 versus 5v5, training, do’s, don’t’s, and the best tools to up your kiting game.

AG: If you had to name a couple of “Do Nots” for 1v1 what would they be?

SeeEL: Firstly, don’t be predictable - especially with your champion pool. If you’re limited to one or two champions the opposition can find easy counter measures before the game even starts. Secondly, don’t resort to cookie cutter builds and summoner spells but rather adapt relative to the game. Cookie cutter builds are builds that are pre-determined, builds that are not 100 percent efficient but still work pretty-well with your champion and allow you to not understand itemisation. Lastly, don’t be disrespectful toward the enemy even if you believe you have a perceived skill advantage. We don’t take too kindly to attitude issues in the competitive scene.

AG: By that same token what are the immediate “Do’s” – what should players be aware of the moment a duel starts?

SeeEL: Absolutely understand your position and situation relative to your matchup. Both wave states are starting on equal footing and will be entirely swayed by your practice and understanding of the matchup. This requires a lot of research and dedication.

Also, make sure to realise if you make one mistake it's not over - just play it out calmly and try to find the next best possible solution. This is crucial in both competitive and 1v1 play. Finally, it’s important to adjust from common Solo Queue (5v5 Game mode) habits as other lanes like Support, Jungle or Mid do not influence your lane at all. You need to take every advantage possible.

Click Here to Read Our Full Red Bull Solo Q Duel Your Way to Victory Interview

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