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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:10pm 02/06/20 | 0 Comments
Recently we reviewed Cloudpunk, the neon-noir adventure where you take on the role of a delivery driver in a cyberpunk world. The voxel graphics were impressive to say the least, and now with the ability to zoom in for walking through the streets we now get one extra layer of cool. Like being able to see previously obscured details like arcade cabinets inside shops and the truly impressive skybox. Which is naturally full of clouds.

Here's a brief demo we captured.

And the following breakdown of the new camera views, that also includes a free-look for driving around.
Third Person View

To unlock your camera and enter third person view you can press X (default). The camera can be rotated around the player with your mouse or the right stick on your controller. When you start walking forward, the player will always walk where your camera is headed. You can also strafe and walk backward.
Use your mouse wheel to change the distance to the player. Zooming in will ultimately switch to...

First Person View

For full immersion, enter this mode by zooming in the camera all the way until the player disappears. Freely look around with either your mouse or the right stick on your controller. See things that you haven't seen before. But be prepared to see what the world is made of: Voxels. Lots of them.

Vehicle Camera

The vehicle camera got an upgrade as well. You can now keep the camera unlocked while driving. Look around freely while you drive. There's just one technical limit, you can't ascend or descend while the camera is unlocked. After all, this camera is not really fit for driving comfortably.

Developer ION LANDS notes that it's looking into adding a first-person cockpit cam for driving. With one of the pleasures of playing Cloudpunk being this relaxing aspect, we can't wait.

As per our review, "With only a handful of time-sensitive deliveries, a very generous fuel-tank, and a bumper that can take quite a few hits before requiring repairs, the pacing is kept quite leisurely. One could call it, casual. And it works, the simple joys of driving in Cloudpunk has a meditative quality."

One of our long-term plans is adding a full first person cockpit view while driving.


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