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That you can download and play right now - via GOG.com or Steam. This updated look at the long in-development Nightdive Studios remake of the all-time classic System Shock is also the most impressive to date. Given the 'Alpha Build' label the full introduction is playable, and a showcase for the impressive visuals and awesome lighting effects added.

For those waiting for the install bar to reach 100% - here's the first 10 minutes of the System Shock Remake that we captured earlier today. And that's 10 minutes because that's how long it took to die.

After two decades, Nightdive Studios is rebooting and re-imagining the original System Shock. We will keep the new game true to the classic experience, keeping all the things you loved while giving today's gamers the modern look and feel expected from a AAA title.

This Alpha Demo will give you a brief preview of the game. Please keep in mind this is a very early demo, so performance, content, etc is not final.

With the help of members of the original team, including the original Voice Actor of SHODAN, Terri Brosius, Citadel Station has never been more immersive or terrifying!

Those that have been following the development of this will no doubt be aware that there have been some ups and downs - that said, the project is back on track and this demo definitely puts a positive light on re-playing the full game. On that note, there's no release date other than "coming soon".

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