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Another one of our own went down the Indie developer path, and has come out triumphant with what can only be described as a small game, packing one massively firey punch. Wildfire is brilliant on so many levels, and while it took a long time to finally reach the wild, we're all the better for its extra time in development.

From Sneaky Bastards, founded be ex Aussie games journalist, Dan Hindes, Wildfire takes inspiration and cues from some of gaming's best stealth outings, all the while forging its own brand and identity with charm, challenge and confidence. Here's a snippet from our review:
While simple in its throwback pixel art style, Wildfire is in fact a deep affair riddled with choice and consequence. Sneaky Bastards as a “gaming collective” has always shown a love and reverence for stealth games. It’s how the name came about, and it’s the brand’s bread and butter. To this end, it’s easy to see collective influence pulled from various resources high in the genre. The likes of systems-heavy games such as Dishonored, Thief, Deus Ex and even Assassin’s Creed (to a smaller degree) coupled against level design that promotes stealth, but also comes with a risk of having it taken away from you creates dynamic situations -- some of which you might not have expected. And for a game presented in such a way to be as bold as to attempt to capture what more fleshed out 3D game-worlds akin to those mentioned above, to ostensibly pull it off… well, that’s a fine achievement indeed.
Click here for our full Wildfire review.

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