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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:50pm 26/05/20 | 0 Comments
And while we all love those grains of sodium chloride, there's a bit of credence here based on a few loose facts, a retail listing, the timing associated with said listing, a cheeky fan-tease within another game that emerged out of nowhere, and in some good old praying to the Mother Chozo to let her adopted daughter, Samus Aran, out to play.

First, the listing: Swedish retailer Inet dropped the bombshell recently, and as you'll note with the above link, it has since been removed, but not before the likes of VG247 and a number of other gaming outlets nabbed a screengrab of the posting, submitting the error or gaff into the Internet pit of purgatorial shame, lest it be turned to triumph should the game actually release on the leaked date of June 19.

Secondly, Nintendo recently dropped its own bombshell out of absolutely nowhere, announcing the existence and rapidly approaching release date for Paper Mario: The Origami King which had what looked to be a cheeky bit of fan-service with Mario donning a papier-mâché Samus helmet, sending the Internet and fanpeeps into overdrive.

The rumour is timely given the sudden announcement of Origami King, meaning Nintendo is happy to just play the game their own way now, but we're encroaching on E3 time where at least some exciting news comes out of Nintendo's Direct showcases and Treehouse streams, so there's also that.

Finally, if we all just wish hard enough at the exact same time, who knows what we're all capable of.

If any of this is true, we only hope controls have been handed back to non-waggle players, because if I'm going to have to use those Joy-Cons in order to play the game with motion control, I'm going to be "something something". Stay tuned as we keep an ear to the Chozo grindstone for any further bounty hunter rumblings.

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