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New studio Out of the Blue has revealed its first title - Call of the Sea - an adventure that looks as otherworldly as it does classical. Described as a puzzle-based first-person adventure game, the developer has drawn from the likes of Firewatch, Subnautica, and Myst for inspiration.

It looks wonderful, with this trailer debuting as part of the first look at Xbox Series X games in development.

Here's some info direct from Out of the Blue.
Call of the Sea is our love letter to the genre and a way of deepening our own experience and adding new dimensions to it. We hope to create a game for everyone out there that carries a nostalgic torch for the genre and for new players that have yet to discover the joy of adventure games with puzzle solving.

You might be asking yourself, “an otherworldly adventure game – what do they really mean by that?” Well, not only do we absolutely love adventure games, but we all also have a secret passion for the supernatural and the occult. In fact, we are all huge H.P. Lovecraft fans and are inspired by his work. To be clear, Call of the Sea is not a horror game. Far from it. But you might say that we are inspired by the way Lovecraft tells some of his stories.

We want you to solve the mystery we have created, slowly realizing that there is more to the world than meets the eye and piecing together what has taken place before you arrived on the island. We’re after the sensation that comes when the mind tries to grasp a solution that lingers, tantalizingly, almost within reach.

It definitely looks and sounds very cool with the release slated for late 2020 for Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC - and as part of Xbox Game Pass.

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