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In the competitive space playing a modern PC shooter on a 60Hz rated display isn't ideal, and one of the reasons why 144Hz displays and even 240Hz ones are being released by all major display manufacturers. With over 50 million players, the free-to-play Call of Duty: Warzone has quickly become one of the most played PC games out there. And in a handy new video NVIDIA showcases the difference that more frames can make.

At CES 2020 we got to see this first-hand with a new and impressive 360Hz display from ASUS showcasing CS:GO at NVIDIA's booth. The setup was simple, see how many shots you'd get on a 60Hz display or one that pushes the frame-rate and refresh-rate to the limit.

As skill always factors in to how well you do in a competitive shooter - and I'm someone who admittedly falls into the middling range whenever the TAB key is pressed to see current standings - it was a revelation to see just how much of a difference a higher frame-rate can make. NVIDIA also had 144Hz and 240Hz displays on hand too.

That extra fluidity and detail means you see more of the enemy, and the effect when witnessed in a side-by-side comparison is akin to playing in slow-motion versus one big blur on a 60Hz screen. As this Call of Duty: Warzone video and explanation from NVIDIA highlights - more frames makes a huge difference.

Smoother Animations:
In Call of Duty: Warzone, player movement is fast. Whether you are holding the angle or peeking a corner, high FPS paired with a high refresh rate display provides improved clarity and comprehension when it really matters. Additionally, the smoother motion provided by the increased frame rate allows you more opportunities to correct your aim - making it easier to track those targets as they sprint by. At 240 FPS/Hz you are given 4 times the information with 4 times the opportunities to make micro-corrections to your aim over 60 FPS/Hz!

Reduced Distracting Effects
In the heat of the moment, being reactive is critical. Sifting through distracting effects like tearing or ghosting takes precious milliseconds and can impact your ability to perceive the situation correctly. High FPS on a high Hz display significantly reduces these distracting effects by decreasing the size of the ghost trail and tear displacement. Reducing distracting effects ensures you are actually aiming at the right thing.

See Players Earlier:
When milliseconds matter, seeing your opponent a split second earlier can give you an advantage in a fight. Higher FPS reduces the overall system latency of your computer which means your actions and the state of the game are displayed on your monitor faster. Lower system latency helps improve your reaction times and makes input feel snappier - critical for a fast paced game like Call of Duty: Warzone.

This handy guide also details the right in-game settings you'll need to push 150+ frame-per-second (all the way up to 240 FPS) in the 150-person Battle Royale. As per this report from last year, this is an area where NVIDIA has devoted a lot of time and resources into, with an in-depth study into PUBG and Forntite showing that higher frame-rates led to a better K/D ratio no matter the player's skill level.

Of course, this leads to the current line-up of NVIDIA GeForce RTX and GTX graphics cards, which offer the power needed to actually render these games at triple-digit frame-rates.

As a reference, here's our full reviews for the entire RTX range:

On a side note it's fun to see NVIDIA word the research into higher FPS for a competitive shooter in the same way the company presents its groundbreaking work in the field of AI - as an actual thesis people have spent years working on.
When all of the available information is looked at as a whole, we can conclude that there is a strong correlation for higher FPS helping maximize your potential in battle royale games like Call of Duty: Warzone.

Which NVIDIA has.

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