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Creative Assembly's Total War series of historical (and sometimes fantasy) RTS epics are some of our favourites here at AusGamers HQ, with the feudal Japan-set Total War: Shogun 2 definitely falling into the category of "one of the good ones". And from now until this weekend you can Save 100% on the game via Steam. Translation, it's free!

With Shogun being a fan favourite Total War this is great news if you're looking to scratch that iso RTS itch. As per our review.
The first Shogun is remembered lovingly by Total War fans, and to a degree, nothing since has topped it. The reality is, most actually have in a feature-set sense, but everything that has come post, just hasn’t had the charm. This is why the team have revisited the era and nation, only this time, like some well-trained ninja packing devices of death to the gills, they’re armed with the knowledge and skills of years and years of TW development, ready to decimate all that came before it, and leave a trail of strategy delight in its wake.

Total War: Shogun 2 also has a little something most TW titles have lacked in favour of the grand over the years: personal charm. There’s a greater level of investment in building your empire this time around because it’s easy to become attached to your agents of death and diplomacy, like ninja assassins, for example, who you can level up and invest copious amounts of strategy and design in; shaping him to be your very own model soldier.

And then there are of course the grand battles - which are oh-so grand when you factor in the very cool feudal Japan armour sets and weaponry. So yeah, what are you still doing here? Head to Steam and pick this up.

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