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Missing? Waiting for? Nope, more like the the opposite of that. If the trailer is anything to go by. A sci-fi parody and action-RPG with cover-shooter mechanics, Minimal Effect follows "a colorful cast of characters on a quest to save the galaxy". With a Commander Shepard and Krogan lookalike and art direction that's akin to the Netflix animated series Final Space, it feels a little late to the party.

In that Mass Effect Andromeda provided enough comedy to scratch that particular itch.

Command a crew of questionably capable, likely insane, yet undeniably charming cadets on their haphazard travels across the Milky Way. Enjoy immensely satisfying 3rd person combat and narrative choice that’s overflowing with humor, as well as technically legal obscenities you won’t find in any other video game - especially after the ESRB hears about this one! And remember: In space, nobody can spell your name.

As the trailer showcases after several attempts at humour, there is a game here too. Minimal Effect is positioning itself as a full action-RPG in the style of Mass Effect with skill trees, combat, quests, and so forth. Developed by Swedish outfit Toadman Studios the game is on track for release sometime in 2021 for PC and consoles.

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