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With Windows Central noting that the long-rumoured Xbox Lockhart console - a less powerful companion to the Xbox Series X - could be getting a reveal in early May. And members of the Xbox team are already taking the console home to test. The power of the Xbox Series S is also rumoured to be in the range of 4 Teraflops, about a third of the Series X's 12 Teraflops.

But the console will still be able to handle some limited ray-tracing and take advantage of the faster NVMe storage. Based on the spec it's safe to say that the Series S will be a 1080p console as opposed to something that opts for native 4K. And if true it positions the price-point of the powerful Xbox Series X as something of a potential eye-opener, we wouldn't be surprised if it ends up in the $900-$1000 AUD range at launch.

Also, weirdly, 4 Teraflops puts the Series S raw compute power less than the current Xbox One X's 6 Teraflops - which we assume this new console will be the replacement for. As per the report Microsoft is still planning to run its digital-only June event in lieu of E3's cancellation, so the Xbox Series S reveal may simply be a hardware presentation along the lines of recent Series X spec breakdowns. With games and availability info coming in June.

Concept image courtesy of Reddit user /u/jiveduder.

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Posted 02:04pm 22/4/20
I don't get it? The #1 strength of consoles used to be it was one fixed hardware spec, so the games were super optimised as a result.
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