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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 11:03pm 16/04/20 | 2 Comments
After going hands-on last year we finally got to experience Minecraft's stunning RTX update on our own rig. And it's nothing short of a game-changer. And with the Minecraft with RTX release now hours away, we're here to tell you why.

Or, simply show you.

For all the technical wizardry that has gone into making real-time ray-tracing a reality, from hardware innovation brought to the market by NVIDIA with its GeForce RTX line of graphics cards, through to development software and tool integration with Microsoft’s DirectX API - Minecraft with RTX brings a certain level of truth to an age-old saying. That there’s beauty in simplicity.

And that beauty is stunning in motion.

Click Here to Read Minecraft with RTX – Beauty in Blocks

minecraftnvidiartxhands-onpreviewbetartx 2080 ti
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Latest Comments
Posted 06:54am 17/4/20
I posted something similar in the other thread but I can't see how RTX can be viable until it is able to be done with a barely noticeable overhead. Sure, those screenshots in the video are miles apart but that is only because the vanilla rendering in Minecraft is so basic. If a non-RTX lighting engine was developed with an emphasis on quality I reckon it could look very similar to what we saw with RTX running in that video. Again I'll use Doom Eternal as a shining example of how good a game can look. Runs at constant 144fps for me with everything on maximum and just looks amazing.

However I grabbed Control and played it with RTX on before I knew that DLSS had been updated. It looked great and I was more than happy to sacrifice the FPS. When I discovered that DLSS was now a viable option it looked gorgeous and ran great. If DLSS 2.0 finds its way into every game that has RTX they could have something.
Posted 11:52am 19/4/20
It may just be because I'm a grumpy old man, but this fits into the category of interesting, but unnecessary so far as its use with Minecraft. Visually, these same effects could all be achieved through the use of reflection probes and ambient occlusion. The new High Definition Render Pipeline from Unity provides great results while sacrificing very little in terms of frame rate.

I think realtime raytracing has its place, but surely not in Minecraft :p
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