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Last year World of Warships: Legends made its debut on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One where it was first released in Early Access and then shiny Version 1.0 a few months later. As per our review, "brilliant performance, excellent controls, and streamlining that doesn’t noticeably cut into what made the game so much fun to begin with" make it a blast to play. And now, as they say, the Russians are coming.

Well, they've arrived in the form of Russian Destroyers and Russian Battleships available in Early Access. The latest update for the game also introduces two new campaigns, "To Tame A Dreadnought" and "The Heroic Oleg" - with new rewards up for grabs. The latter of which has the iconic cruiser Oleg as the crown jewel.

Here's a trailer outlining the update.

The Russian Destroyers are now fully released, meaning players can research their way through them to the Tier VII Tashkent. These ships are quite interesting, unlike most destroyers, they focus on their abilities as a gunboat rather than stealth and torpedo armament. Like the Russian Cruisers, they have flat-shooting guns designed to work best at their maximum range. Staying at this range works well for the destroyers, giving them time to dodge incoming fire with their tremendous speed. After adding in some short-ranged torpedoes, the Russian gunboats are perfect for high-risk, high-reward gameplay.

Speaking of high-risk, high-reward–the Russian Battleships are here in early access, due to be fully released next update. They bring heavy red artillery to the sea, and will contest the German battleships for the spot of best brawler. The guns on these brawlers are only accurate at close range and they are heavily armoured, making them great at pushing the enemy. However, they will take massive damage if caught broadside on, so careful positioning is required! Players will be able to sail in these behemoths by opening Soviet crates, which can be earned in the campaigns.

There are two new campaigns coming this update, "To Tame A Dreadnought" and "The Heroic Oleg." The first campaign will run until May 4 and features the Russian commander Mikhail Kedrov as the final reward. Kedrov was historically the captain of the battleship Gangut during World War One and now brings his experience to help players tame the Russian Battleships in World of Warships: Legends. "The Heroic Oleg" campaign starts just after "To Tame A Dreadnought" and has the cruiser Oleg as the crown jewel. The Oleg is a handsome old-fashioned protected cruiser that was one of the few Russian survivors of the Battle of Tsushima. Both campaigns are packed with rewards, including Soviet crates that give players a shot at getting one of the new battleships!

Two great new additions that we even mentioned way back in our review - arrive in the form of a photo mode and an option for the Commanders to speak in their native tongues. Very cool.

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