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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 12:27pm 08/04/20 | 0 Comments
The next big content update for Sea of Thieves, set to arrive on April 22, is going to be a big one. With Ships of Fortune bringing major changes to how you can interact with the various Trading Companies (these being the Gold Hoarders, Order of Souls, Merchant Alliance, Athena's Fortune, and the new Reaper’s Bones), with the ability to pick a side and become an Emissary.

Which will require a donation that then opens up a new progression system where, say, the more chests you return to the Gold Hoarders the bigger the multiplier you'll receive as reward. As an Emissary you'll be flying the flag to complete voyages and even compete in a competitive Emissary Ledger leaderboard.

As per above flying the flag as an Emissary communicates your allegiance to the wider sea, which opens up new danger thanks to the addition of The Reaper’s Bones trading company. Where the goal here is to take other Emissary Flags as trophies. Naturally, this new faction is located at The Reaper’s Hideout.

As Sea of Thieves celebrates its second anniversary the game is also bound for Steam.

Also coming in the update is a new revive mechanic allowing pirates to revive fallen crew mates in a limited re-spawn window. Plus, the introduction of a new type of pet - cats. And an overhaul of the competitive Arena mode focused on quicker and more action-packed rounds.

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