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Still no release date but "Minecraft with RTX is coming soon for Minecraft players on Windows 10" according to a new post by NVIDIA. Minecraft RTX as it's been called offers up a fully path-traced makeover to the game offering realistic reflections, shadows, global illumination, and caustics. It's a literal game-changer, and stunning in motion.

So why not sit back and get your nerd on with this deep dive into the groundbreaking work gone in to making what was once a visually simple game into a piece of cutting edge next-gen tech.

When played on a GeForce RTX GPU, you can experience worlds that are fully path-traced, enabling reflections, shadows, caustics, global illumination, and other realistic lighting effects that interact naturally with physically based textures applied to Minecraft’s blocks. These PBR textures enable per-pixel emissives, volumetric effects, and other never-before-seen sights, that together with the path-traced effects usher in the next evolution of Minecraft.

As NVIDIA and Mojang and Microsoft prep for launch the teams have been working closely with many talented Minecraft creators to help them build the first ray-traced worlds. Here's a glimpse at a few of them.

Of Temples and Totems RTX. By: Razzleberries - An adventure world focusing players on exploring and completing challenges in mysterious temples. Each temple showcases per-pixel emissivity and real-time shadows, and leverages global illumination to create an immersive experience for players.

Imagination Island RTX. By: BlockWorks. A fully explorable theme park, filled with easter eggs, that hosts four distinct lands, each dedicated to an element of real-time ray tracing. In this scene we see the visitor centre of the park, highlighted by god rays cast in real-time through the windows, shining down onto the floor.

And for the budding creators out there NVIDIA has put together a handy Minecraft with RTX: PBR Texturing Guide which covers the introduction of new physically-based textures that were designed to take full advantage of RTX features. In addition to the new HD Testure Pack.

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