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Every action-RPG has a ranged hunter, or a class that can wield a bow or firearm - for the upcoming Torchlight III that's the Sharpshooter. What makes the Sharpshooter stand out here is that in addition to ranged combat with the aforementioned weapon-staples there's also some "light summoning".

“We knew then that we wanted a ‘ranged’ class, but the gist of that was still very nebulous,” says Echtra’s Co-Founder and Torchlight 3’s Project Lead Tyler Thompson via this new blog entry. “Were they going to be a trap-based class with ranged attacks? Were they going to be almost like a forest nymph who used plants to lash out at enemies that leaned into more traditional elven lore?"

The answer is the second one, check it out. Although we should note that the developers are planning to upload a new version of this trailer without the frame-rate issues.

The Sharpshooter is all about precision shooting and summoning spirits. Whether stacking buffs that increase your powerful potential, or calling down the spirit of a great eagle you call “Goose”, the Sharpshooter’s deadly capabilities are versatile. Combining the already distinct abilities with trinkets allows players to create custom builds that speak directly to their unique ranged playstyle.

In the Steampunk inspired world of Torchlight the Sharpshooter will be the only class can wield a bow -- giving them a different feel over other ranged-attackers.

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