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If you're currently in the market for or building a new desktop PC rig, when it comes to the CPU-side no doubt you're actively looking over the impressive AMD Ryzen range. With the powerful Zen 2 architecture, multi-threaded cores, and excellent performance Ryzen has grown in a PC powerhouse over the last few years. And now, it's looking to do the same in the realm of laptops and ultrathing gaming books.

It's worth noting that it was only 2019 when AMD brought the Ryzen to the laptop space with a focus on performance and gaming, with the goal being for the hardware company to take all the time needed to get it right. Last year, in the desktop space, we saw the arrival of the third-generation of Ryzen desktop processors using state of the art 7nm processing.

There's an entire range of mobile AMD Ryzen 4000 processors becoming available this year, that will also include integrated Radeon graphics. Plus, the same Zen-2 and 7nm processing -- which will lead to low power draw and longer battery life. Here's an outline of the models, which showcases the impressive and powerful flagship AMD Ryzen 9 4900H with its "4.4GHz boost clock, 3.3GHz base clock, 8 cores and 16 threads, 45W TDP, and 7nm power efficiency". Interestingly all models are rates at 45W TDP.

We wouldn't be surprised if the AMD Ryzen 7 4800H becomes the new norm in gaming laptops -- as per notes from AMD it outperforms the latest Intel chip in the same range by a sizable margin. For more info - head here.


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