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And playable on Xbox One, Windows 10, and Steam. Bleeding Edge is a competitive team-based brawler where players take on the role of various over-the-top fighters that blends combo-based action with objectives. On that front, in addition to the 2 modes, 11 fighters available at launch, and 5 "sprawling cyberpunk arenas", a dolphin mech by the name of Mekko is expected to arrive in the game soon.

A trash-talking dolphin.

If that confuses more than anything else here's the launch trailer.

Bleeding Edge is a unique 4v4 online brawler that showcases exhilarating combo-based action combat and strategic objective-based gameplay. Best experienced with friends or open communication with other players, Bleeding Edge redefines the meaning of squad goals and really puts the team in teamwork. At launch, Bleeding Edge features a diverse roster of 11 larger-than-life fighters hailing from the edges of society, 5 vibrant sprawling cyberpunk arenas, and 2 fast-paced game modes: Objective Control and Power Collection.

Ninja Theory and Microsoft plan on supporting Bleeding Edge for some time, and with Xbox Play Anywhere and cross-save support, we'll be checking this out on both PC and console in the coming days. As an added bonus those that play from now until March 31 will get access to exclusive Punk Pack items (as in cosmetic loot box goodies).

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