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Even though the Xbox Series X will feature the same storage capacity as the Xbox One X, not all storage is created equal. As per the full hardware specs released overnight for the console, internal storage will be a '1 TB Custom NVME SSD'. With confirmation that read speeds will be comparable to the latest PCIE 4.0 speeds in the PC space.

Meaning that compared to most of the current PC SSD solutions out there for storage, Xbox Series X storage will be a lot faster - and definitely on the cutting edge. Something that Sony is also bringing to the PlayStation 5.

The increased storage speeds and memory speeds doesn't just mean games can load in a matter of seconds it also means you can save various states and resume progress in a number of titles as demonstrated in this Xbox Series X video.

But, there's a catch. Even though the Xbox Series X will support external drives via USB 3.2 you will not be able to launch Xbox Series X games from them - instead they'll only be available as back-up. Or as the place to host and run backwards compatible Xbox One, Xbox 360, and original Xbox games. We all know 1TB isn't a lot for game storage - especially as Series X titles will be 4K 60-fps - so to alleviate this Microsoft will be selling proprietary expandable storage that "matches internal storage exactly".

The first of which will be a 1 TB Expansion Card it is developing with Seagate - pictured above. According to Microsoft in future higher capacity cards - 2Tb, 4TB, etc - will be available. Though it seems the days of plugging in any old external to install new games on are numbered.

xbox series xstoragespecsseagatenvme ssd1tb

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