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The latest monthly update to Sea of Thieves has arrived, with Heart of Fire introducing a new Tall Tale in addition to new on-ship and on-Pirate weapons in the form of the Chainshot and Blunderbombs. Plus, monthly Voyage handler Duke is handing out special Athena's Run voyages for Legendary Pirates.

Here's the breakdown of the update.

Tall Tales: ‘Heart of Fire’ – Stories of a returning enemy and a dark ritual have begun to spread across the Sea of Thieves, and this ritual threatens to consume the souls of a once proud and noble crew. Journey to Morrow’s Peak Outpost and speak with Tallulah in The Charred Parrot – a journal in her possession may be the key to learning more…

‘Heart of Fire’ Commendations – New Commendations have been added, charting players’ progress as they work to halt the ritual. By progressing through these Commendations, players can earn the Ashen Dragon Hull and the Ashen Dragon Curse.

Athena’s Run Voyage – Only Pirate Legends can purchase this new Voyage from Duke, then take their crews to visit Thieves’ Haven and surrounding islands on the hunt for new Athena’s Treasures. Those yet to reach Legendary status can join a Legend’s crew, or patrol Thieves’ Haven and try to steal from one! Anyone can return these new treasures to the Mysterious Stranger at any Outpost tavern to cash them in for gold and Athena’s Fortune reputation. Due to the raised stakes and rewards of this Voyage, Duke has placed a 50 Doubloon cost on it.

The Athena’s Run Voyage will be permanently available from Duke after the Heart of Fire update.

Athena’s Run Commendations – The Mercenary Voyages Reputation pane contains new Commendations for tackling Duke’s latest Voyage, rewarding crews with Doubloons and a new Legend of Thieves’ Haven Title.

Athena’s Run Rewards – Completing the Athena’s Run Voyage five times unlocks a special all-in-one costume: the Legendary Treasure Seeker. This marks the debut of a brand new cosmetic type to be expanded upon in future updates. The Athena’s Fortune reputation pane also contains new Commendations for cashing in the new Athena’s Treasures, unlocking new cosmetics from the Ghost Set: the Ghost Cannon, Capstan and Wheel.

Chainshot – A new cannonball type is now available in both Adventure and Arena! Chainshot will be available in ship barrels when players spawn, and can also be found in barrels throughout the world. When chainshot strikes a mast, wheel or capstan it does maximum damage, instantly destroying that ship part. When hitting the hull, however, it does very limited damage, so make sure to aim high. Chainshot has a shorter range than standard cannonballs, so get in close before unleashing it!

Blunderbomb – A new type of throwable weapon like the firebomb, the Blunderbomb is a glass sphere that explodes on impact, sending pellets in all directions. These pellets deal damage based on the distance from the explosion and cause knockback to any player on the receiving end of the blast, with a direct hit causing the most knockback damage. When fired from a cannon, these provide a larger player knockback and explosion radius. Watch out though, Blunderbombs may knock ships back but don’t damage them.

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