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To many out there Anno 1800 was a return to form for the city builder meets strategy series from Ubisoft. With its shift back into the past, a more open and non-linear story, and an abundance of choices to shape and build up your empire - it's no wonder that over a million players have joined the revolution. And now, as we head into the second year of its release - Anno 1800 has big plans for Season 2.

Including a visit to the southern hemisphere with Land of Lions.

With the Season 2 Pass, players will have access to new adventures, challenges, and tools as they shape their very own Industrial Revolution. The Season 2 Pass includes the three following DLCs to be released throughout 2020:

Seat of Power: Players will be able to show off their city’s power with a prestigious palace and government departments that can boost their economy with a variety of policies. Seat of Power will be available on March 24.

Bright Harvest: In this DLC, players will have the opportunity to bring the wonders of mechanized farming to the countryside as they boost the efficiency of their farms with tractors and more.

Land of Lions: Players will travel to the Southern continent and join forces with an embattled emperor to bring life to the desert using the new irrigation system.

Three Exclusive Themed Ornaments: Finally, Season 2 Pass owners will get access to exclusive ornaments available alongside the first DLC Seat of Power.

As per above, in addition to free ornaments the new content begins this month with the arrival of Seat of Power - an in-depth palace builder that reminds us of the first time we played Civilization 2. And how we refused to switch from a monarch due to losing our throne room. Of course this is much larger in scope, and paves the way for a full year of exciting additions. The last of which, a huge expansion in the form of Land of Lions - where it looks like we'll get to visit Africa.

“Our team at Ubisoft Mainz is extremely happy about the results of Anno 1800 so far and thanks to the constant feedback by the community, we are highly motivated to bring new content to the Anno brand in 2020”, says David Wightman, Studio Manager at Ubisoft Mainz.

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