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Sure we're all the way up to Mortal Kombat 11, but way back in 1997 Midway released the first 3D edition of the series with Mortal Kombat 4. Which means a couple of the main features of this entry and big selling points at the time was the fact that you got "3D Fatalities" and "3D Gameplay". Ahhh, the 1990s.

To give you a taste of the era, here's the opening video - in glorious VHS-vision.

A New Dimension of Kombat

Shao Kahn has been defeted at the hands of Earth's warriors, and now Shinnok has escaped to his confines in the Netherealm. The war has resumed once again. This time, the battle CAN be won by mortals!

Characters can pull out weapons that can be thrown, dropped or even picked up by your opponent and used against you.


Objects in the background can be picked up and thrown at your opponents.


Mortal Kombat 4 is packed with hidden characters, kodes and other features that aren't even in the arcade game!


Watch as brand new and classic fatalities take on a completely different meaning in 3 dimensions!

Characters can now move in 3D to dodge projectiles or pick up weapons.

Head here to grab it where Mortal Kombat 4 is available for $8.79 AUD.

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