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At a recent Square Enix event we were invited to not only go hands-on with the highly anticipated Final Fantasy VII Remake - but also have the change to speak to the legendary Yoshinori Kitase.

And our own Adam 'Griz' Mathew is here to tell us what we were all hoping to hear - that this is going to be something special.
We're looking at a full reimagining of the original Final Fantasy VII. Kitase-san wasn't going to be satisfied with a 1:1 remake or remaster in the standard sense -- he and his team wanted to go above and beyond to create the sort of experience people would expect from a game that's this beloved.

“My ultimate objective with this game is to deliver the world of FFVII to a completely new generation,” Kitase tells me. “We want to use cutting-edge technology to make this the definitive RPG for that generation.” He also tells me that Final Fantasy VII Remake works hard to cater to returning fans. For those coming back to play Final Fantasy VII again, Kitase says, all the memorable, original, and surprising moments can be re-experienced in “new and different ways”.

I press him further on this. Particularly on how he hopes to keep the impact of what I called “one of the biggest gut punch moments in all of video gaming”. Sadly, he kept coy on that. Spoiler territory, I guess. Looking beyond that, Kitase says that Remake goes well beyond the tale that was told in the original. Expect to dig down deeper into the characters and this kooky little world. In order to realise this level of detail in world-building, Kitase and his team have taken an astronomical amount of development time and produced a ton of game data.

Click Here to Read Final Fantasy VII Remake - Revisiting Square Enix's Masterpiece

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