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Star Citizen is shaping up as the be-all end-all of not only sci-fi space exploration and action, but probably the human race as we know it. The ambitious game that has been in development for several years is now apparently a survival game too. Where in addition to adapting and reacting to planetary conditions like temperatures, wind, and atmospheric elements you also need to each and drink to keep your energy levels up.

Here's a breakdown of Star Citizen: Survival Mode as part of the latest Inside Star Citizen video.

In describing these elements the development team is referring to the survival stuff as the "actor status system", where exploring without a plan can lead to hypothermia and hyperthermia and even death. Food and drink will apparently feature buffs and debuffs too.

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What about develop the original game everyone was keen on?
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what will be commercially available first, Nuclear Fusion or Star Citizen?
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