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Descent: Underground which successfully raised over $600,000 USD on Kickstarter in 2015 was positioned as a spiritual successor meets reboot/prequel that would bring the well-known Descent into the modern era. After an Early Access release (which has since been taken off Steam) and several delays it looks like the project, renamed Descent, may never see the light of day.

With publisher Little Orbit filing a lawsuit against the developer Descendent Studios in January of this year. This gameplay footage from 2019 showcases some Descent gameplay and, yeah, it looks pretty good.

Things aren't looking good in relation to development though, with both the studio's website taken offline and the Descendant Twitter profile not seeing an update for several months. The Descent: Underground project received additional funding in 2017 from publisher Little Orbit with the goal being to bring the game to both PC and consoles - with the last publicised planned release window being February 2019.

The lawsuit details how Descendant failed to meet its agreed upon milestones which led to Little Orbit investing more funds into the project. Interestingly we also learn that Interplay cancelled the Descent licensing agreement with Descendant, meaning that at best - if the game were to release today - it would do so under a new name.

The lawsuit is pretty clear in positioning the development team's lack of progress as the main reasoning for the game's delays and current MIA status, noting, "Descendent fraudulently induced Little Orbit to commit to fund payroll as part of the Terms Sheet Amendment with no actual intent or desire to provide concrete deliverables on specific dates, including a delivery date for the final PC version."

Disparaging comments are also made about Descendant's CEO with the ultimate goal being to seek damages and control/ownership of the project.


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