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Which will address one of the long-standing issues with the game, the ability to change the overall look of your Pirate. Those that set sail for the first time are simply given the option to choose from randomly generated appearances so the new Pirate Appearance Potion that will go on sale for 149 Ancient Coins via the real-world money Pirate Emporium will presumably follow suit.

For those that have been sailing for over a year it'd be nice to be able to get one of these potions for free or see the ability to alternate between looks associated with your Pirate profile. Regardless, this is a long-overdue addition that we're happy to see arrive as part of the February update.

In terms of events and commendations and new content, the following Sea of Thieves News hints at something related to the mysterious Masked Stranger and Reaper's Hideout coming as part of the Crews of Rage update.

What we do know though is that a new type of chest will be added - the Chest of Rage. Which will gradually heat-up over time and then explode in a ring of fire. That if left aboard your ship will set it on fire. Keeping it cool with regular buckets of water is the only way to stop it from heating up - and in a sly move you wont be able to keep it submerged in water. As the water will slowly boil. In addition to being worth a lot of gold the chest will also have combat benefits as you can trigger the flame-splosion via shooting it, making it a handy tool for tackling Skeleton Forts.

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