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Where two player-controlled demons go up against the Slayer. The gameplay video, courtesy of IGN, showcases an entire Battlemode match with commentary from DOOM Eternal game director Hugo Martin. Who described the experience as "a game of cat and mouse" where "the Slayer is the cat, and the demons, even though they're these giant creatures with rockets on their hands, are definitely the mice."

Check it out.

In terms of setup it all looks fairly straight-forward, a fully loaded Slayer needs to take out demons - with the demons trying to take out the Slayer. With demons having a respawn cooldown timer the Slayer needs to take out both within a certain time-frame in order to win a round. Of course there's a lot of strategy with the video showcasing demon and Slayer abilities that go beyond simple fast-paced arena deathmatch.

Battlemode is the multiplayer component of DOOM Eternal which according to id Software will not ship with traditional modes ala DOOM 2016.

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