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As in the setting from the original game - in what is set to be a major expansion for The Division 2. The action sees a shift away from Washington D.C. with a massive new/old open-world to explore in a story that involves hunting down rogue Division Agent Aaron Keener in the streets of New York.

Here's a detailed look at the re-imagined New York - with the most obvious change being that it retains the summer setting of The Division 2's Washington D.C.. And the insane amounts of trash/debris detail.

After disappearing in the first game, Keener has resurfaced, surrounded himself with other rogue Agents, and used them to unite New York’s violent factions under his own banner. Worse, he’s working to create a new bioweapon even more potent than the Green Poison that brought society crashing down. Stopping Keener means going through his four lieutenants, each of them among the most dangerous Division Agents to go rogue, and each packing new Skills for you to claim when you defeat them. But first, you’ll need to find them, and that means contending with New York’s regrouped and evolved factions (notably the escaped Rikers and the pyromaniacal Cleaners), who’ve learned a lot since their earlier clashes with the Division.

The new campaign is set to include five story-missions that can mostly be tackled in any order alongside open-world activities and side missions to discover. Interestingly this new expansion and New York setting is said to have an endgame of its own that will also spill back over to the original Washington D.C. setting.

The Manhattan of Warlords of New York will be different to the one from the original game in that previously Dark Zone locations of Wall Street and Chinatown will now make up new zones. As a full-sized expansion the level cap is being increased to 40 alongside a suite of changes coming to the gear and Skill system. Including new bonuses, stat buffing, and clear build-defining roles.

The Division 2 Warlords of New York launches on March 3 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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