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Last year we got a pre-alpha gameplay teaser for System Shock 3, the highly anticipated sequel being developed by Warren Spector and OtherSide Entertainment. In bit of bad news it looks like the project is in a lot of trouble, with its future in doubt. Design director Chase Jones has left the team alongside the game's writer, director, senior designer, lead programmer, QA lead, and senior environment artist.

As reported by VGC - each of the above System Shock 3 team members have updated their LinkedIn profiles to reflect that they're no longer at OtherSide. So, what happened? Well, with System Shock 3's previous publisher Starbreeze in financial trouble, development had been progressing throughout 2019 without monetary backing for sometime - and there has been no official word of anyone else picking up the project.

The layoffs and departures have been occurring steadily over the past five or so months too, with around a dozen or so key roles presumably unfilled. And all from what was a relatively small team to begin with. On the developer's official forum the former community manager confirmed the layoffs in December. Stating, "I know people are concerned about the state of the studio. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried as well." Adding, "I know the Austin team worked their asses off and made some stunning progress in the past couple of months. It hurts to see many of these developers out of a job on a project they worked so hard on."

So where does that put the project? That remains to be seen. On the bright side this all might mean we'll still get System Shock 3, but in a much smaller state.

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