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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:11pm 31/01/20 | 1 Comments
With the controversy being that time last year where the ESA, the organisers of E3, leaked a spreadsheet of all media and individual contact information right down to phone numbers and addresses. Via an easy to access link on their website. On that front the ESA notes, "Earning back your trust and support is our top priority". Outside of that little incident, recent years have seen both EA, Activision, and even Sony bow out of showcasing new stuff.

Which on a pure spectacle level has E3 2020 looking like Microsoft: The Show feat. Ubisoft, Nintendo, and other guests. With the Xbox Series X out this year and the possibility of a new Assassin's Creed reveal (plus, our yearly wish of new Metroid Prime gameplay being shown going unfulfilled) - we're all for another dance. But, E3 doesn't feel like the be-all end-all that it once was.

"You’ll be happy to know that we’re not producing E3 2020 in a vacuum," says nameless spokesperson for the ESA in a new statement. "For E3 2020, we’re collaborating with industry insiders and new creative partners, including the tastemakers at iam8bit, to reinvigorate the show and, frankly, to shake things up."

"We are committed to keeping E3 at the level you’ve come to expect" it goes on to say, adding, "We’ll have surprise guests, amazing stage experiences, access to insiders and experiential zones that delight the senses. It will be incredibly inclusive, celebrating all aspects of our industry." Plus, many more vagaries alluding to a more community focused bent.

Snark aside, E3 season is genuinely exciting when it comes to news and reveals - so sticking to the subject that matters, games, we're still keen to see what's in store.

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Posted 04:09pm 31/1/20
Well it looks like they'll have to come up with something better in 2021 because Cyberpunk 2077's delay probably saved it this year.
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