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Ubisoft's Ghost Recon Breakpoint was a disappointment when it first came out last year, but since that time the development team has been working with the community to improve the experience based on feedback. In fact, there's a massive update planned for next month set to provide a major overhaul. In the meantime though, ala the unexpected but very cool Predator event for Ghost Recon Wildlands, another '80s classic - The Terminator - has arrived.

With two new missions inspired by the original 184 film. And much like the Predator crossover - it looks awesome. Even without ol' Arnie.

Entirely playable in solo or co-op, the Terminator Live Event will have players gear up and face an unexpected threat from the future in a new story arc taking place in a new location on Auroa.

Two main narrative missions will be introduced, during which players will have to rescue and partner with Rasa Aldwin, a woman coming from the future, in the hope of stopping the Terminators’ plans. These two missions will be available starting January 29 and February 1, respectively, and will remain in-game once the event ends. In addition, players will be able to face the challenging T-800 cyborgs in daily warfare and interception missions.

And as a nice little bonus those playing through the event will unlock The Terminator's punk outfit from the movie in addition to "Terminator weapons and vehicles".

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